Teaching Scrum and raising money for Cancer Research

You will never know what it is like to live with cancer, until it strikes.? Most of us are lucky to never know what it is like to live with, or to lose someone due to cancer.? Please help the American Cancer Society find cures and treatments for all types of cancer.

In 2018, Rick discovered he was living with Stage 3 Colon Cancer.? Later that year, while undergoing chemotherapy, his wife was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer.

In 2018, Anil?s nephew was diagnosed with terminal Brain Cancer DIPG (Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma).? An avid marathoner, he was not able to win the race against cancer, and passed on at a very young age 0f 30 years.

Anil and Rick have collaborated to deliver life changing scrum classes but never like this. ? ? ?

Between September 30th and October 3rd 2019, Anil and Rick taught two Certified ScrumMaster? (CSM) classes in Jersey City, and raised $5300 for the American Cancer Society in the process. The two classes were delivered with drawings and interactivity that energized the participants. ?The enthusiasm and the energy the participants put in to become members of the world-wide Scrum Community, as well as help to transform the world of work, showed in everything they did in the class!

More than fifty (53 to be exact) new members to the Scrum Alliance? community will be able to knowledgeably?use Scrum in their daily lives (at work as well as at home), and know that their efforts in becoming part of that community will continue to help others for a long time.?

Brain Science was used effectively to design the class so that the participants could share their unique perspectives and experience with everyone else. The visuals created by both trainers on flip charts provided a strong metaphor that will live with the participants beyond the certification.

The trainers used an unique combination of techniques from Innovation Games, Training from the BACK of the Room and Liberating Structures to bring the CSM learning objectives to life. The trainers did not use any powerpoint but instead focused on their drawing skills to share powerful visuals.

Sharing some of the wonderful moments we captured during the class in the video. If you are interested in pursuing your Certified Scrum Master certification reach out to Rick Waters at Wisecrum


5 agile tools that fascinate – week ending September 5th 2015

Every weekend I search the web for new agile or devops tools that fascinate and engage me. Here are the 5 agile tools I tried this week

  • Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow with Sensei:

Fun and effective retrospectives using Sensei for distributed agile teams. Sensei?guides teams through the entire retrospective and times team members to be prompt. Sensei is able to record all feedback and insights and turn them to actionable steps and follow up on prior commitments. Check out their product tour from slideshare

  • Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much with Symphonical:?Symphonical

Symphonical uses google hangouts to create virtual scrum boards, team to do lists, meeting agenda and many more templates. Check this cool collaboration tool that makes working in distributed teams across geographies seamless. The website has a nice tour?https://www.symphonical.com/tour/


  • If you can dream it, you can do it with Lino:

Lino is a great tool for planning with distributed teams using sticky notes. Teams can be in front of a desktop or on the go, lino enables real time planning and brainstorming. Check out their product video.



  • Dream big, start small, but most importantly start with scrumwise😕Scrumwise

This neat and intuitive tool can kickstart scrum for any organization in a matter of minutes. If your organization is starting its agile transformation and has not picked a tool of choice, scrumwise is a nice platform with built in support for backlogs, sprints, metrics and much more. Check out their instant demo at?https://www.scrumwise.com/scrum


  • Plan for?what is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small with mingle: ?mingle-logo

Mingle from thoughtworks is a great tool that guides you through scrum. It integrates with Github and the plus version has program management and planning features which is an afterthought among most tools that I have come across.